Welcome to Beach Biscuit, formerly known as Beach Beggin’.   We had to change the name because our little business caught the eye of a GIANT international corporation. This giant doesn’t make beach inspired key chains, or bracelets, or dog collars, or any of our other handmade products. Nope, this giant makes pet food. Just pet food. And this giant got a trademark on the word “beggin’” for pet food.  Just for pet food.  But this giant feels that the American people are easily confused. They think that when you good folks see our hand sewn items, you would think they were made by their giant pet food corporation. Even though our tag says “Handmade by Beach Beggin’ in Bluffton SC”, they thought you wouldn’t understand that. So the giant corporation had their giant legal team send my little business a demand to change my name. I tried to reason with them, but there is no reasoning with a giant with billions to burn. And so, to avoid a legal hassle I could not afford, I had to bow to the corporate beast. For the sake of ease, we adopted the name of our well-loved dog treats, “Beach Biscuit”, for our hand sewn products.

In the end friends, we are all still beach beggars. And we still make the products you love.  This little company was born from a love of all things beach.  We know you feel the same way!  From our handmade bracelets, keychains, bags, beach collars for pups, and fun home goods, we continuously look for new ways to bring the beach to all who beg to be on the beach!  And we are proud to say ALL of our products are hand crafted.  No mass production and no cut corners.  This is a labor of love, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beach on Beggars!